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We are a passionate group of software developers that specialize in web design & customized software
for clients in all industries across Malaysia 

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To make life simpler and more efficient through the power of information technology

Our Mission


To be the best software house creating customized systems in all of Malaysia

Featured Works

Allstaff Jobs Malaysia was designed to help job seekers find their dream job. Regardless of the field, whether it be IT, Engineering, Business, or even Accounting, this website will be able to help visitors get the job they want. 

This website was designed to showcase the large range of cycling and sports related products that Bikelah has to offer. The webstore even features products that are exclusively imported from overseas, so potential buyers will be spoilt for choice.

Ipost is a web based accounting application used by Pentrac and Allstaff. Ipost comes with Chinese and English version. Functions include statistical accounts, sub codes, GL, AR, AP, stock, fixed assets, cash management, PO and SO.

This website was designed to showcase the property developer's projects, such as their current projects, and also their future projects. They also have a track record of their projects available for visitors to view, as well as news and promotions about their available or soon to be available properties.

This website was designed to promote Taiping Sentral Mall's activities, and also to allow visitors to take note of any currently ongoing or upcoming activities that will be held at the mall.

This website was designed in a way that it showcases the stunning outfits that Emmanuel Haute Couture have available. Visitors to this website will have their eye drawn to the beauty of the outfits, modelled by models who accentuate the beauty of the outfits.

Here at Howed, our mission is to make your event as flawlessly smooth and efficient as possible! We understand that planning weddings can be painstaking business, so we're here to help reduce your worries and burdens.

With Howed, you won't need to worry about printing out reams of lists on tonnes of paper, or having long queues piling up at the registration counter! Gifts and angpows will no longer be anonymous, and seating arrangements will be nicely displayed for all to see. 

Of course, a system alone is never enough. We have all the necessary equipment and personnel on hand to help you achieve your dream wedding.

Ask us today about Howed and we'd be more than happy to give you a demo! 

The perfect wedding needs the perfect system. 

This is a mobile apps for resume system, where user can select photo from their mobile phone gallery, and upload to system. The user can take their picture using the mobile phone camera, and they can use this app to select the photo that they took, and upload it to the system. This will then update the initial image that was included in the resume.

This website was designed to showcase the fantastic spread of royal seafood cuisine that they have available on their menu. The elegance of the website's design, coupled with the display of their course menu with reasonable prices, will be able to draw the visitors interest.

This website was designed to share information on their current activities, such as their ongoing or upcoming projects, as well as cycling or sporting events. Visitors will also be able to get in touch with GClub through their website if they have any inquiries regarding their projects and/or their upcoming or current events.

This is a mobile friendly Online Credit Assessment System, which provides user friendly interface when user access with mobile device. The user will be able to keep track of their credit, as well as being able to check whether their submission has been approved or not. 

This website was designed to showcase the works of the property developer. It also offers a detailed explanation of how the property is designed, where it is located, and what advantages the property might bring along with it.

This website was designed to showcase the comfortable accommodations that the stay apartment has to offer. Located in Cameron Highlands, the cosiness of the stay apartment will draw the customer's attention.

This website was designed to emphasize the quality of the food served at this restaurant, which will in turn draw the customer's attention, and whet their appetite.

Here at Howei, we specialise in making your events come to life! Be it big or small, social or sporting, we can make it happen with the click of a button!

We are an advanced & efficient service provider that specialises in event registration & online services. We cater to a wide range of outdoor activities, such as cycling & running events and many other sporting festivals. Check out our latest & past events on our Howei homepage or find us on Facebook

Iresume system is used by Allstaff to operate daily, from resume searching to handling client requests. The system also acts as a content management system for Allstaff’s website. Iresume can also work closely with our vstaff HRMS and together manage all daily operations in Allstaff.

A HRMS is a human resource management system, built to serve all HR needs and is now used by Allstaff and Pentrac. It comes with payroll; leave system, helpdesk, timesheet, door access, reports, performance appraisal and more. Vstaff can also be customized to use for other companies as well.

This website was designed to showcase the fitness programs of Warrior Fitness Adventure, and to offer insight on how they conduct their programs, what they advocate when coaching the members, and also letting potentially interested people to check out their programs, and get a free trial program to see if it suits them.

This is a customized mobile application for shopping mall. Users can check for latest events and promotion, directory listing, contact info, and other information through this application.

This app can be helpful in the sense that users who have downloaded and installed this app will be kept abreast of the latest updates, such as the opening of a new store in the mall, or the timetable of an event that will be held in the mall during festive periods, e.g. Chinese New Year or Christmas.

Users will also be able to use this app to find out if the mall has a particular store that they want to drop by, especially if they live close to the mall, and do not wish to go to another branch of the store that may be located further away.

This website was designed to promote the cosiness of the inn, and also to showcase the facilities and services offered for anyone who is interested to stay at the inn.